Robots for communication with your customers

Automate more than 85 % of customer inquiries and get more time for more valuable communication. On chat, email, phone.

Money back guarantee
No commintmets
Overwhelmed by repetitive customer communication?
Don't have enough time for valuable communication with your customers?
Are you losing revenue because you can't keep up with customer inquiries?
Do you have a shortage of operators on your customer support?
Our AI colleagues give you time for your customers
Reduce costs
Automate up to 85% of your customer interactions and reduce customer care costs by up to a third.
Increase of sales
Up to three times more sales with the ability to proactively contact a large number of customers at once.
More satisfied customers
24/7 availability, instant responses and cross-platform availability will enhance your customers' experience.
A stable team
With a virtual assistant, you don't have to hire help to cover difficult periods. Nor will you be disrupted by staff turnover.
More time
By covering the majority of recurring customer queries, you save time for important tasks like more valuable customer communication or process improvement.
Modern technology
Be among the innovative leaders in your industry. Give your customers the ability to resolve their requests quickly and self-service.
Over the last 30 days, we have automated for our clients...
1 457 217 interactions
37 644 hours
470 FTE
25 mil. CZK saved
Handle a high volume of inquiries with us
81 %
success rate for outgoing calls
75 %
success rate of cleared chats
58 %
saved operating costs
More about our clients
Only 3 steps to automation
Take the time to communicate with your customers in a more valuable way.
Arrange a demo
Together we will go through where the bot will help you the most and come up with ideal scenarios for your business.
We deploy the bot in your communication
We will train, test and deploy the bot to your chat, phone and/or email.
More time for valuable things
Routine communication will be handled by virtual colleagues and you will have more time for your customers.
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Our happy customers
"Integrating a voice robot into our IVR makes sense given the high volume of order status calls. Unlike the competition, delivered a sophisticated solution that maximizes the ability to process requests, with a strong focus on UX."
Jiří Zondlak
Call Centre Manager,
"Voicebot is contacting our customers about unclaimed orders in our stores. After calling the contacts, 86.3% of them picked up their orders. The result is even slightly better than a live operator, which costs 5 times as much."
Marek Čekan
Customer Care Director, Zoot
"What appealed to us most was the clarity of the user interface. It is intuitive for the customer, the operator - who operates the chatbot, and for developers or analysts who create new dialogues or evaluate data."
Dalibor Pitoňák
Customer Support Manager,
Orange SK
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Meet AI colleagues
Chatbot can handle around 85 % of customer inquiries. The chatbot responds 24/7 and can manage 100 conversations at the same time. Operators will no longer have to respond to repeating inquiries.
Monthly from 5,000 CZK
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The voicebot on the inbound line gets calls from customers around the clock. A campaign voicebot alerts you to upcoming deadlines. Completely handles thousands of contacts per day.
Monthly from 10,000 CZK
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Reply without waiting, assess the content of the email or suggest relevant replies. Thanks to emailbot, you can reduce customer care costs by up to a third.
Monthly from 10,000 CZK
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Want to have time for your customers?

Schedule a meeting with us to find out how best to automate your company's communications in 30 minutes.

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We guarantee
Money back guarantee
We are so confident that we can help you. If a virtual colleague doesn't bring you value, we'll refund your money.
No commitments
You can terminate your contract at any time. We have no long-term commitments.
Beneficial solution
Together we will ensure that the bot will be beneficial and reduce the number of enquiries by up to a third.
Administration training
We will teach you how to create and edit robot scenarios. No need to know how to code.
Customer satisfaction
Better customer experience with 24/7 instant responses.