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Automate up to 85% of communication with your customers using artificial intelligence. On chat, phone or email.

Why automate customer care?
Cost reduction
Automate up to 85 % of your customer interactions and reduce customer care costs by up to 33 %.
Increase of sales
Up to three times higher sales thanks to the ability to actively contact customers and scale our products.
More satisfied customers
24/7 availability, instant responses and cross-platform availability will enhance your customers' experience.
Meet coworkers
Chatbot can handle around 85 % of customer inquiries. The chatbot responds 24/7 and can manage 100 conversations at the same time. Operators will no longer have to respond to repeating inquiries.
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Inbound Voicebot
Increase the efficiency of your customer care. Voicebot solves simple tasks by itself and redirects the rest to the right operator. Customers can call voicebot non-stop at no additional cost.
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Campaign voicebot
Notify about upcoming due dates or find out the satisfaction of your customers. Voicebot completely handles thousands of contacts per day and can handle even annoying calls.
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RBM agent
Peak interest in yourcustomers with new generation “SMS”. In RBM, you can use attractive multimedia content such as images, videos, gifs, carousels, cards, calendar or maps.
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With us you will be better than your competition
81 %
success rate for outgoing calls
75 %
success rate of cleared chats
58 %
saved operating costs
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