Voicebot is always on line
Automate customer support to give customers the ability to communicate whenever they need to. Whether it is processing a reclaim or towing a car. Your operators can thus pay attention to other more important things.
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You can have both happier customers and operators in your team
With voicebot, you can handle even 100 calls in one moment.
No more repetitive queries
Do not overwhelm the operators, voicebot will pick up the repetitive queries.
Reducing the burden of operators
According to our clients, voicebot can handle up to 92 % of customer queries. This will save your customer center time.
AHT reduction
Reducing the total call time is effective not only for the operator, but above all has a positive effect on customer satisfaction.
Predictive approach
Address customers by their name or ask them away. This will save both your and your customer's time.
CRM integration
So that voicebot always has the most up-to-date information, it uses data fromyour CRM. It can thus solve the customer's problem in the best possible way.
Cut your costs by a third
With voicebot, you will drastically reduce contact costs and at the same time free up the capacities of your call center for more important things.
Available day and night, responds immediately
If you want, your voicebot can be available to customers around the clock. If further help is needed, we collect important information and give it to you, for example in the form of a ticket.
100 % SLA
Each customer will be given the opportunity to solve their queries with voicebot in a few seconds or will be transferred to the right department or operator.
With support automatization,
the numbers will grow
increase in call center capacity
success rate in finding the right operator
clearance success rate
AHT reduction
The voicebot in DEK helps handle what customer care couldn't do before
Significantly more effective customer care and greater human resource capacity thanks to voicebot from coworkers.ai. For building company DEK, we managed to increase the percentage of phone calls that they are able to handle immediately during the first call by 15 %.
Additional references
“Voicebot significantly saved human resources and time options for our customer center. Thanks to this, the handling of orders and customer queries works significantly more systematically in our company.”
Roman Vondra
Customer Centre Director
We will launch the chatbot within 6 weeks
6 days
Scenario specification, technical specification, budget approval, setting of acceptance criteria.
3 weeks
Scenario creation
Creation of automation scenarios, internal testing, technical connection, linking to CRM.
2 weeks
Feedback incorporation, approval of acceptance criteria.
1 day
Increased supervision during the first days, always the latest updates, support is always available.
Automate with voicebot
Save your money and operators time with contextual artificial intelligence.
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