RBM agent brings a revolution in communication with customers
The revolutionary RBM technology (Rich Business Messaging) is the next generation of SMS and MMS, which offers a new way of communicating with customers. Take SMS communication to the next level and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.
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Effective communication that
piques interest in customers
Automatization of communication using AI
Define the behavior of the RBM agent during various customer actions. The conversational AI will react even at 2 am.
Rich content like in a newsletter
Images, audio, GIFs, carousels, tabs and buttons. RBM can be integrated with various applications like maps, calendar, payments, opening urls and more.
Tracking for more effective marketing
Thanks to data such as open rate, interactions, conversions and other metrics, you can improve communication with your customers and thus the success of campaigns.
Incredible read rate
As soon as the SMS rings on the mobile phone, most people react immediately. In peak traffic, we had an open rate of 91 %.
With RBM, you will increase the
conversion of your messages
RBM is not limited by the number of characters unlike SMS (160 characters). You can also send images, videos, carousels, cards and provide buttons for the customer to respond faster. It can also be integrated with various applications such as maps, calendar, payments, opening urls and more.
Make communication better
Paying an invoice, bill, or receivable has never been faster or easier. Just click on the button with the link to the payment getaway.
Show your customers your product offer right on their phone. Quick, easy and brilliant. Right?
Inform your customers about the delivery of their order to the pickup point, as well as the possibility of an extension.
Half as many completed questionnaires in Kooperativa
In the campaign for Kooperativa, we assessed whether people are willing to communicate with their insurance company using the RBM channel. As soon as they read the first message, our artificial intelligence started chatting with them like in a livechat. It gradually gathered information about their satisfaction with the services and requested a rating using NPS (Net Promoter Score). In order to measure the success of the channels, Kooperativa
also launched a mailing campaign. The results exceeded our expectations.
+ 45 %
completed questionnaires compared to an email campaign
60 %
of people responded to the first message
49 %
of people answered all questions
“We see RCS messages as an excellent addition to our mix of communication channels, which offers a much wider portfolio of uses compared to SMS. In the NPS campaign, we wanted to use RCS to test whether the clients accept this channel,which was undoubtedly confirmed. ”
Michal Jirman
Head of the Methodology and Control Department
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FAQ about RBM
Find the answer to the most frequently asked questions about RBM. However, if you still need any additional information, do not hesitate to arrange a non-binding consultation with our experts or contact us via e-mail.

What are RBM and RCS and how do they work?

RCS (Rich Communication Services) is the next generation of SMS and MMS. Thanks to the functions of the RCS channel, you can raise classic text messages to the level of Messenger or WhatsApp.

RBM messages (Rich Business Messaging) are designed to work like any other chat application. This function is natively supported on Android phones, so the addressee does not need to install any additional software on their phone - the RBM message will be received in the same way as a classic SMS. However, RBM messages are sent and received over the Internet via the RCS communication protocol, which runs in the background.

What can RBM send?

RBM is not limited by the number of characters unlike SMS (160 characters). Thanks to RBM, you can have a conversation with the customer and send them pictures and videos.

It also allows you to send carousels, cards and provide buttons for the customer to respond faster.

What is the advantage of RBM?

Attractive multimedia content can be incorporated into RBM messages. Each company can customize the chat window according to their company colours and add their logo. The sender is verified, so communication is safe for customers. Messages have a high read rate, which increases the effectiveness of campaigns. RBM enables delivery, read and write notifications.

What is the read rate of RBM messages?

In previous cases where we deployed our RBM bot, the campaign had an open rate of 91 %. Of these,
60 % of people responded to the message.

Who is RBM suitable for?

Compared to SMS, RBM is suitable for companies that want to create content-rich dialogues with end customers and find out/provide more information about their services/client needs.

Which carriers support RBM?

Sending RBM messages has been enabled by the operator T - mobile since October 2021. The operator O2 started operations on February 1, 2023. Vodafone has not yet commented on the launch of RBM.

What operating systems support RBM?


Does RBM allow switching to a live operator during a conversation?

Yes, switching to an operator is possible in the coworkers.ai solution. The operator will then see the entire conversation history.

What happens if the phone is unavailable/switched off?

If the recipient of the RBM message has their phone turned off, the message waits in the network for 30 days. When you turn on the phone, the message will be delivered. However, the sender (agent) can revoke the message if it is no longer relevant.

How does the customer revoke consent to contact (ZOEK) using RBM?

RBM messages are not subject to ZOEK (127/2005 Coll. Act on Electronic Communications). The same GDPR rules apply to them as to any other contact (email, SMS, etc.).

A specific feature of RBM is the requirement for an agent to be able to process a STOP message. If the customer sends this message, the agent must not communicate with the client any further (except for a final no-contact message).