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I can cover the whole team, but I only take one salary

Have more face-to-face meetings and do more things you didn’t have time for before – like perfecting your onboarding. A chatbot frees your hands so you can take care of what really matters.


I can handle complex questions


Unpleasant and uncivil conversations
don’t upset me


I can work 24/7 without
complaints or reduced performance


I work with the software that
you already use


You don’t need IT’s help to
adjust me

A button bot can be my little brother

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I get right to the point and I never get lost created their own NLP (natural language processing) technology so that I can understand the context of a conversation. That leaves me better able to respond to your customers’ and employees’ questions and remember what has already been said.


Give me a unique personality

How you make me is how I’ll be. Align my communication style and tone with your brand’s communication principles. Depending on the goals you set for me, I can be a jovial man or an empathetic woman. You can be formal – or entertain your customers and employees.


I’m already helping dozens of companies to get more done

The more work you have, the better investment I am

My human colleagues can only handle a limited number of conversations at once, while I can handle thousands. So the more repetitive requests and queries you have to deal with, the more useful I’ll be for you.


Find out how I can help you

Leave us your contact details, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. We’ll discuss what you need help with, any special requirements you have and whether is the right choice for you.