Chatbot for first-class
customer care
Automation of communication with customers, reduction costs and improvement of the customer experience. Contextual artificial intelligence that answers questions 24/7 and solves even more complex queries.
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Increase your customer care
capacity with artificial intelligence
Chatbot can conduct several conversations at the same time. So you can handle, for example, 100 chats per second.
Reducing the burden of operators
According to our clients, the chatbot completely handles 75 % of customer queries. The operator does not have to deal with them at all and can focus on more important things.
No more repetitive questions
Do not overwhelm the operators, the chatbot will pick up repetitive queries. However, if he does not know how to do it, there is always the option of connecting to an operator.
AHT reduction
The reduction of the total time to solve the request is effective not only for the operator, but above all has a positive effect on customer satisfaction.
Predictive approach
Address customers by their name or ask them away. This will save both your and your customer's time.
CRM integration
In order to always have the most up-to-date information, the chatbot uses data from your CRM. It can thus solve the customer's problem in the best possible way.
Coworker reacts...
Improve the customer experience once and for all. Our virtual assistants are available both during day and night and on holidays. The customer does not have to wait several hours or even days for an answer.  
within 2 seconds
24 hours per day
7 days a week
365 days a year
With us you will be better
than your competition
400 %
increase in call center capacity
75 %
of queries handled
33 %
of the original cost
For Koší, we save 1,000 hours of operator work per month
Already in the first 30 days, the chatbot successfully solved 60 % of the queries and thus made a fundamental contribution not only to managing the Christmas peak. The chatbot transferred the remaining 40 % of questions to the operator on the Daktela app,where the operator can see the chat history and can directly follow up on the customer's communication with Markéta.
Additional references
“What we appreciate about the chatbot from is that we can change and improve it ourselves without any technical knowledge. We can easily carry out modifications during operation hours, directly in our call center. Thanks to this, we can react flexibly to unexpected situations.”
David Matuna
Product owner
We will launch the chatbot within 2 weeks
3 days
Scenario specification, technical specification, budget approval, setting of acceptance criteria.
5 days
Scenario creation
Creation of automation scenarios, internal testing, technical connection, linking to CRM.
5 days
Feedback incorporation, approval of acceptance criteria.
1 day
Increased supervision during the first days, always the latest updates, support is always available.
Connections with the most used platforms
A chatbot can instantly communicate across multiple platforms. The created scenarios can always be used again for the next communication platform on which you decide to communicate with customers.
Web chat
Microsoft Teams
Automate with chatbot
Save your money and operators time with contextual artificial intelligence.
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