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Improve the performance of your customer care teams


lead qualification


Increase your website conversion


Ensure customer loyalty


Reduce employee turnover

Virtual colleagues help companies reduce their number of human-handled calls, chats, and emails by 70%. That’s a lot of time that their employees can then spend on more important activities.

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4 products

100+ options

We created the artificial intelligence that gave rise to Our coworkers include a chatbot, a voicebot, and a mailbot. They work in a similar manner, but two communicate via text, while the other by phone and the fourth by email. get better with every interaction

Conversational AI is like a living organism that learns from its experiences and analysis of conversations. Thanks to this, Coworkers can not only answer more questions from your customers, more importantly, they can even answer complex questions with greater accuracy.


Here’s what our clients praise the most:


We work miracles almost immediately.

Thanks to company Daktela, we have unlimited development capacity. We respond to your requests with lightning speed.


We can integrate with anything.

We can integrate Coworkers with anything that has an API. We can handle other integrations too, although they are a bit more time consuming.


We don’t have to be there for everything.

You’re enabled to handle minor adjustments and improvements yourself. You don’t need us or internal IT staff to do it.


We test and verify.

Every Coworker goes through extensive user testing before we send it into service.


We’re not just suppliers; we’re partners.

Our work doesn’t end when the contract is signed. We come up with ideas for developing and using your coworker afterwards as well.


We customise and personalise your coworker.

You don’t have to accommodate We tailor everything to your needs and your brand communication.

We think of our coworker KuBa as our digital HR colleague. He’s fast and instantly accessible to all our employees at any time. He helps us answer the most common questions and saves us time. Meanwhile we’re constantly teaching KuBa, which increases his expertise – and his usability.

Sherin Abazeidová, Komerční Banka

Head of HR Marketing and HR Communication