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I’m your ideal operator


I can take calls and initiate them as well


I work 24/7 and whatever job you give me, I’ll do it without a grumble


I’m never in a bad mood, I don’t get sick and I never take holidays


I work with a variety of software, CRMs and databases


You can manage me on your own without the help of the IT department

A sample is worth 1,000 words. Listen to how I work

Incoming calls

Don’t make your customers wait within a voicemail machine. Give them instant support day and night.


I deal with queries and requests

I can help with insurance, make reservations and take insurance claim reports. I will also answer the FAQ.


I gather information

I will get the prescription, handle the product complaint, communicate the status of the order or payment.

Outgoing calls

Take the first step and proactively reach out to your customers. Create satisfaction surveys, callbacks and more.


I ask questions

About your satisfaction with services and products, or for information about your target audience.


I inform

About service outages, reminders and other important events.

I stick to the call script in all situations

I don’t deviate from the prescribed call script – not even when I have a surly or rude customer on the line.


I make it easy for customers to fill out forms

I fill out the basic information with them and then transfer them to a human operator so they can work out the more complicated things together.


I save you time with voice biometrics

With speech recognition, you can save your customers and operators from lengthy and annoying identity verification. I can tell who it is just by their voice and transfer them to the appropriate department or employee.


I can be whoever you want me to be

I can be an empathetic woman or a cynical guy. How you design me is how I’ll be. Naturally, it will all be in line with your brand’s tone of voice and your company’s other communication policies.


Helping you improve the customer experience

The more work you have, the more useful I’ll be

You can edit the conversation scripts in a simple editor and test them yourself. Neural network training (NLP) is not rocket science at, and you can do it without us. But we’re here if you’d like some help.


Find out how I can help you

Leave us your contact details and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. We’ll discuss what you need help with, any special requirements you have and whether is the right choice for you.