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The chatbot handles thousands of customers for us, says the largest mobile operator in Slovakia Orange

The largest mobile operator in Slovakia, Orange, has been using a chatbot from since 2021. It won out in the tender mainly thanks to its human approach and easy-to-use dialogue creation platform. According to RPA (robotic process automation) and chatbot coordinator Dalibor Pitoňák, chatbots have quickly become one of the key customer support channels. They are most often used by the younger generation, who are used to modern technology – and even seek it out.


ORI is very popular, especially among Gen Z and Alpha

As a mobile operator, Orange handles thousands of customer requests per month. Until 2021, clients could call their helpline, write them an email, connect via Messenger or WhatsApp, or fill in a form on their website. However, the company came to realise that modern customer communication includes chatbots too. And that's mainly for Generation Z and Alpha, who are the young buying force.

What appealed to us most was the clarity of the user interface. It’s intuitive for the customer, the operator (who operates the chatbot and the developers/analysts who create new dialogues and evaluate data.

Dalibor Pitoňák

Orange Slovensko a.s., RPA

A powerful easy-to-use tool

Thousands of automatically processed customer requests and massive savings of time and money. In less than a year of operation, the chatbot has already clearly proven it’s an important member of the Orange Slovakia team. The chatbot has apparently opened a gate to a new world for the company – yet they didn’t even promote it in their marketing communications. The dialogues and scripts for the chatbot’s conversations are prepared by Orange Slovakia themselves so that it can be as flexible as possible, and so we were able to deploy the chatbot almost immediately, and Orange saw results from its work very quickly.

“I think we received the chatbot before we had even paid for the licence. I really appreciate’s approach, in which we build the dialogues ourselves, and they provide us with important support and come up with ideas for improvements,” notes Pitoňák.

The future is in CRM integration

Orange has other plans for the chatbot too. For example, they want to connect it with CRM so that it can automatically verify customers. They also plan to use it to collect important contacts that can then be harnessed by the sales department.


“The topic of voicebots is also on the table. It’s possible that in a few months or years we will have a voicebot at Orange,” says Pitoňák in closing. Voicebots have been replacing button-operated bots in recent years. Instead of the annoying old “press one or star”, users can have a normal conversation with the voicebot.

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