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RBM bot: All about the next generation of texting and its connection to conversational AI

SMS texting is ancient history. The revolutionary RBM (rich business messaging) has arrived in the Czech Republic – and with it a new way of communicating with customers. T-Mobile was the first operator to implement this technology and they joined forces with our conversational AI platform. This platform contacted clients of the Kooperativa bank via RBM and asked how satisfied they were with their insurance company.

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Automate your communication using AI

Reach your customers with RBM and define how the RBM chatbot behaves when a customer clicks a button or writes a message. Conversational AI will respond even at 2 a.m.

Rich content like a newsletter

Pictures, audio, GIFs and much more. In short, you tailor attractive content to your customers, which then helps increase conversion rates.

  • Automation

  • Security

  • Multimedia

  • Payments

  • Statistics

  • High conversion

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Show your customers your product offer right on their phone.

Quick, easy and brilliant, right?

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Paying an invoice, bill, or receivable has never been faster or easier. Just click on the button with the link to the payment gateway.

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Inform your customers about the delivery of their order to the pickup point, as well as the possibility of an extension.

Our campaign for

In our first campaign for Kooperativa

In our first campaign for Kooperativa, we tested whether people were willing to communicate with their insurance company using the RBM channel. As soon as they read the first message, our AI started communicating as it would in a live chat. It enquired in stages about their satisfaction with the services and asked for a Net Promoter Score (NPS). To measure the success of the channels, Kooperativa also launched a mailing campaign. The results exceeded our expectations.

91 %

The number of people who opened and read the introductory message.

60 %

At least one reply via button or message.

49 %

People who answered all three of the questions in the questionnaire.

+45 %

Increase in completion compared to an email campaign.

Although we are a traditional company, we enjoy innovation and new things. We’ve already innovated in customer care and we handle frequently asked questions from our employees and clients with chatbots. We’ve also automated several processes using voicebots with artificial intelligence. We see RCS as an excellent addition to our mix of communication channels, offering a much broader portfolio of uses than traditional texting. In the NPS campaign, we wanted to use RCS to test whether this channel was accepted by clients and this was confirmed beyond a doubt. Our work was made easier by the choice of a well-known use case and cooperation with, who used their automation platform to make the project a success. We also see other use cases that will launch a new era of communication with our customers. But more about that next time.”

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Michal Jirman

Head of the Methodology and Control Department

Huge read rate

When a text message pings on a mobile, the vast majority of people respond immediately. In live operation, we had a whopping open rate of 91%.

Tracking for more effective marketing

With data such as open rate, interaction, conversion and other metrics, you can improve communication with your customers and thus the success of your campaigns.

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Let’s have some fun with how to engage your customers

Frequently asked questions about RBM

What are RBM and RCS and how do they work?

RBM (rich communication services) is an emerging generation of SMS and MMS for android mobile devices. Thanks to the features of the RCS channel, you can elevate traditional texting to the level of Messenger or WhatsApp without having to install additional apps on your phone.

RBM running on RCS technology is designed to work like any other chat application. This function is natively supported on android phones, so the recipient does not need to install any additional software on their phone. They receive the RBM text in the same way as a classic SMS text.

RBM texts are sent and received over the internet using the RCS protocol, which runs in the background.