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The Leo chatbot is celebrating 150,000 conversations

Leo, the chatbot at the Generali Česká pojišt'ovna insurance agency, has been helping clients since April 2020. In that time, he has successfully handled 150,000 chats, accounting for 62.5% of all chats that take place on the site. It’s yet another confirmation of the benefits of smart chatbots in any environment with repetitive queries. These can range from forgotten passwords to insurance claim reporting to order statuses in retail or e-commerce. A virtual coworker frees up operators’ hands

About 530 people open the chat window on the Generali Česká pojišt'ovna website every day,  andthey each want to solve a very specific situation. To ensure operators aren’t “stuck” with routine and repetitive questions and can focus on specific situations, a virtual colleague named Leo – a conversational artificial intelligence from the Coworkers team – began helping them last spring.

Leo excels wherever an operator’s time would be wasted

We first worked with Generali to identify recurring situations – where a chatbot would help the most. Using a sample of tens of thousands of chat discussions, we identified the following cases:


We set up individual intents and as many user inputs as possible accordingly.



These are an asker’s intentions. For example they can involve a mood, in which case we’ll include phrases like:


How are you?

Are you doing OK?


Or the intent might be insurance payment. We then flesh it out with inputs, such as:


How can I pay?

How much will the insurance cost?


User inputs

These are queries a site visitor uses to acquire specific information. The more user inputs for each intent, the more accurately the chatbot or voicebot can respond. The minimum is around ten; the ideal is around 20–30.

A partner you can count on even during rush hour and at midnight

The end of July 2021 marked 15 months of Leo’s operation, and thus enough data to properly evaluate his benefits.

Chats in total Chats with the chatbot Chatbot utilisation
240,000 150,000 62.5%
Intent Total queries Chatbot utilisation
Document attachment 13,400 94%
Insurance claim reporting 14,000 92%
Arranging insurance 7,600 95%
Login to the client area 58,600 80%
Insurance payments 15,900 63%

The remaining people (about 40,000 conversations) needed help with a more distinctive request, most often one related to personal or business insurance. These people used the chatbot primarily as an intermediary on the way to a human operator.


An award-winning chatbot

Leo is a superbly conceived and crafted chatbot. This has been confirmed by not only Generali Česká pojišt'ovna’s clients, but also the professional public. What honours has Leo already earned?

  • First place in the Technology category at the seventh annual Czech Contact Center Awards.
  • Ranking as a top 5 project in Zlatý Středník, in the Mobile Apps and Innovations category.
  • Moreover, thanks to their continuous process digitalisation and automation, Generali Česká pojišt'ovna won Insurance Company of the Year 2020.

It turns out that a conversational chatbot equipped with artificial intelligence is not just a high-quality assistant – it also strongly advances the company’s PR and its image as a technology leader.

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