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Automate onboarding and set HR trends

Don't sit behind a computer for routine queries and operations. The chatbot handles them for you so you can focus on what's most important – people.


A chatbot reduces your employee turnover

Have more face-to-face meetings and do more things you didn’t have time for before – like perfecting your onboarding. A chatbot frees your hands so you can focus on what really matters.

2 User

Ensures smooth hiring and onboarding of new employees


Automates meeting-room bookings and handles recurring queries


Identifies suitable candidates on the careers page

Time Circle

Provides 24/7 acute administrative and IT support


Collects employee feedback for you

The most honest feedback

We’ve seen many times that people are more willing to share their feelings and complaints with a virtual recruiter than with a human recruiter. If you’re interested in truly honest feedback, leave employee satisfaction polling to the chatbot.


Give your chatbot a unique personality

Now, it’s natural that you don’t want your employees or candidates to feel neglected because you’re sending a robot to do work for you. However, you have so much freedom to fine-tune the chatbot and its personality that it can easily become the most popular person in your company!


Be trendy, be cool

Conversational AI is an attractive technology that hasn’t yet been in the spotlight. Take advantage of this and ensure your company makes the best impression it can on new and existing employees.


Our employees love chatting with KuBa the chatbot – mainly because he’s a nice guy and will answer day and night. At first we only used KuBa to communicate with new employees, but now we’re expanding him to our whole company.

Lenka Papánková, Komerční banka

Online Chat & Customer Care Supervisor

You can manage your chatbot without IT staff

You can create conversation scripts in a simple interface and test them yourself. With, training neural networks (NLP) isn’t rocket science either, so you can do it without us. But we’re here if you’d like some help.


Find out what the chatbot can do

Leave us your contact details and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. We’ll discuss what you need help with, any special requirements you have and whether is the right choice for you.