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What are they anyway? are a contextual artificial intelligence. This means they respond to the context of a conversation and learn from their own mistakes just like a human does. As a result, they’re much better able to respond to complex questions and to go back to what’s already been said.


Where the competitors hit a wall, excels

The coworkers understand the intent of the person they’re communicating with. They can recognise moods and the essence of what they actually want to say. If a coworker asks for the date and you say “Christmas Eve”, it’ll write down the 24th of December without batting an eye.

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The coworkers were created in the Czech Republic, so they know our language’s specifics and can cope with missing accents – and even our dirty words

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Thanks to our proprietary advanced speech-to-text and text-to-speech technology, coworkers can even handle complex sources like licence plates, IBANs and emails

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Our voicebot responds without unneeded delays and has a natural and pleasant voice because we optimised it for Czech from the start is not livechat or a button bot

Contextual artificial intelligence is the most advanced technology you’ll encounter in communication automation.

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Design conversation scripts without any technical knowledge

With our graphical conversation editor, handy manual and training, you don’t need an IT team – or our team – to set up, analyse and improve But if you’d like help, we are here for you.


Thanks to its NLP, it understands what you say

The foundation of is our own NLP (natural language processing) technology, which understands even colourful languages like Czech and Slovak. The coworkers’ pronunciation, intonation, and reactions are so natural that many users don’t even know they’re communicating with a bot.


The neural network learns fast are constantly learning under your guidance. This enables them to understand customer queries in every situation and improves the quality of their answers.


What does this mean in practice?

Coworkers will answer even unclear questions based on their judgement and then it’s up to you to decide whether they answered correctly or not. This validation process enables you to continuously improve your conversation scripts.



Advanced artificial intelligence that we can connect to almost anything

Coworkers can interact with many platforms right away – and we can also connect them to anything with an API, even quite closed systems.

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How to cooperate with

We can do most of the work ourselves. But sometimes we need your cooperation to make everything work as it should.

1. We offer solutions

We work with you to find and propose solutions to the bottlenecks we identify during our analysis of your current communication. That’s where we need your help.

2. We create scripts

We’ll create conversation scripts in a graphical editor and quickly test them. Once everything’s in order, we integrate your Coworker with the other systems you use.

3. We test your flow

Our extensive user testing will reveal any inconsistencies in your conversation flow.

4. We train you

We’ll show you how to work with your Coworker and give you a practical manual so that you can continuously improve it on your own, without us.

5. We launch the pilot

During the pilot – the length of which we always determine together with you – we monitor the Coworker’s first steps very closely. We deliberately push it to the limit of its skills and immediately respond if it trips and falls.

6. All done!

When the pilot is over, we hand the project over to you. Now monitoring will be more up to you – but you can contact us whenever you need.

Even after deployment, we stay in touch

We see you as a partner even after our work to integrate into your team is complete. We’re always coming up with new ideas for developing and using your coworker, and we’d love to hear how it’s doing. We’ll give you a helping hand whenever you need it.


Have any unanswered questions?

Leave us your contact details and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. We’ll discuss what you need help with, any special requirements you have and whether is the right choice for you.