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Virtual assistant Zuzana helps to find The Forgotten Billions

The “Forgotten Billions” project has been running in the Czech Republic since 7 June 2021. Within it, people can access their funds from the country’s 1990s voucher privatisation process. Zuzana, the project’s virtual assistant, handles an average of 200 conversations a day. On the first day it was over 850. The response rate is 92% and growing.


Even thirty years after voucher privatisation, there are still valuable shares and dividend claims that their owners do not know about. The Forgotten Billions online service, which falls under the fintech startup named Stock Convertor, aims to find and monetise forgotten investments.

To date, our chatbot has been used by over 6,500 users, and we’ve sent them over 18,000 messages. As always, people are creative and, for example, asked about data security in more than 30 ways. Our artificial intelligence must recognise them all and offer the right answer.

Tomáš Lysek

Co-founder & CEO

Dozens of topics, hundreds of formulations

As simple as the service is, and even though the whole process of finding and eventually buying is handled by Stock Convertor, people ask about dozens of different topics. The most common are:

  1. Incorrect or lost login details
  2. Information about the price for the service and shares
  3. What documents are needed
  4. What to do if I am an heir
  5. What shares can be found


Integration into any system

Which systems can be integrated?


While Coworkers’ conversational AI works in the background, the web operator can use the connection to any communication channel (MS Teams, FB Messenger, webchat, Slack, etc.) and any operator (Daktela, Zendesk, Cisco, or Mluvii). 


“Coworkers also works very well with internal CRMs such as Pipedrive, SAP, Salesforce, and MS Dynamics,” adds Tomáš Lysek..

4.5 min

average time users comunicating 


conversations daily


hours saved

Zuzana from successfully answers hundreds of user questions about our service every day. We particularly appreciate the high accuracy with which she recognises different queries. We always expected Zuzana to be a great help to us, but the results exceeded our expectations. A quote from one of our users who communicated with Zuzana speaks for itself: ‘Thanks. This is the best virtual chatbot I’ve encountered to date. Kudos.’

Daniel Surmař

Stock Convertor, company's managing director

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