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Handle peak hours, holidays and provide 24/7 support

At least 30% of customer care enquiries are recurring and most of them are resolved by virtual colleagues. Automate routine communications with AI and make your team's job easier so your people can focus on more important things.

A chatbot or voicebot handles things that normally cause you stress


Seasonal changes, unexpected situations and fluctuations will no longer faze you

Star always works well, so you can stabilise your team’s performance

Close Square

You’ll no longer need external extra help to maintain capacity


Bots don’t take extra pay for holidays or night shifts

Chat (1) can handle uncomfortable conversations and get the job done without complaining

Our Coworker Leo helps us to handle up to 65% of conversations. These are mainly situations such as logging into the client zone, insurance claim reporting, insurance arrangements and payments, and client verification. We see huge potential in conversational AI, which is why we are constantly expanding our number of scenarios and thus our usability.

Jakub Haman, Generali Česká pojišťovna

All for one and one for all don’t replace your employees. They empower them. Either they work independently on the task you give them, or they act as an input filter for requests, which then connects your customers to the appropriate operator.


The chatbot exceeded our expectations. The number of basic enquiries decreased and the load on the line was so low that we didn’t need a replacement after one of the three operators left.

Hendrik Meyer, CEO Bezrealitky

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