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At coworkers, we develop chatbots and voicebots based on artificial intelligence. You won’t find a boring, quiet place here, but one heck of a ride – as it often is at tech start-ups. You’ll be pushing the boundaries of what’s (im)possible and learning a lot of new things and in a few years you’ll be among the best in the field.

What it’s like here

Our new offices are located at U vodárny 2, Brno - Královo pole, a short distance from the Červinkova stop. Not a noisy open space, but a peaceful place on the outskirts of the city. The office spaces are dog friendly, so you can look forward to not only human but also animal colleagues.


Who we’re looking for right now

Our workload is constantly increasing, so we're currently looking to fill the following positions:

Back Office Manager

We are looking for a back office person

Not a secretary. Not a coffee-making assistant. We need a capable and ambitious person who will take care of recruiting people, take care of invoices and contracts, or perhaps completely organize participation in a conference. If you dare to do something like that, read on.

What's going on?

We are a technology start-up that develops intelligent chatbots and voicebots with artificial intelligence. Our bots help companies such as AAA Auto, Kooperativa and Komerční banka with customer support. But we have more and more clients and more work to do - so now we need someone to bring more order to it all.

Who exactly are we looking for?

We call the position back office, but it's really a mix of HR, marketing, sales and operations. Someone who doesn't measure their performance by the number of hours they work in the office, but by the amount of work they do.
Someone who has good organisational skills, ambition to grow and is not afraid of change.

What will you be doing with us?

As we wrote, the position is a combination of HR, marketing, sales and operations.
Within HR you will be preparing job advertisements, arranging interview dates, organising onboarding or arranging team building events. From marketing, we need them to take care of our LinkedIn account and HubSpot, help create promotional materials (printed materials) or organise our attendance at conferences. Sales people appreciate it when you prepare contracts for them or keep an eye on their deadlines. And by operational, we mean that you handle invoices, keep an eye on costs or prepare a report with economic results.

None of this is dogma - we'll be happy to teach you anything, and you can largely tailor the position to your own experience and preferences.

What in return?

A salary based on your experience.
Absolute freedom - you can work from home at any time or at times that suit you.
Work in a company where you can learn more in a few weeks than you can elsewhere in a few years.
The opportunity to participate in the development of a "product" that pushes the boundaries of the (un)possible.
Interested in the position? Contact us now →


Python developer

We’re looking for a Python developer

A person to help us develop an AI-based conversational platform. This platform is the engine for our chatbots and voicebots and is already one of the most advanced in the world. And we are asking you to make it even better. 

Need more detailed information?

We are a technology start-up that develops smart chatbots and voicebots with artificial intelligence.

Our bots automate customer support communication for companies such as Kooperativa, Komerční banka, Koší,, Orange SK or Generali Česká pojišťovna.

The sheer volume of clients and work is steadily increasing - which is why we currently need a Python developer to help us further develop this communication platform.

Who are we looking for exactly?

Someone who can code in Python. Other programming languages are not lost on us either (especially C will definitely come in handy), however Python is a must-have.

Someone who understands Linux, containers and ideally has experience with Kubernetes.

We need you to be fluent in network communications. HTTP is a good starting point, but you will eventually need to learn SIP as well.

It's important to us that you actually enjoy writing documentation. Our bots are evolving rapidly, and we would not have come so far without careful documentation.


What exactly would you be doing?

Developing voicebots. You will be the one who technically ensures the customer always reaches the customer service line and is assisted by the bot.

Writing the Python components that interconnect the phone network to the back-end of our product. The back-end manages the text and flow of the conversation, while the voicebot handles the rest.

Influencing and improving everything you set your mind to - from architecture, to implementation, to test environments, to deploying the voicebot into live operation. We are a small company open to any and every good idea.

What would you get?

A salary based on your experience.

Absolute freedom - you can work from home as you please and at hours that suit you.

Work that matters - it is no exaggeration if we say our bots push the boundaries of the (im)possible and you'd be there to witness history every day.

A great bunch of passionate young people whose enthusiasm is infectious.

A chance to make an enormous leap and learn more in a few months than you would have in other companies in a few years.

A steady and secure job in a company that, despite being a start-up, has been built on the foundations of ARTIN, a company with a 23-year history.

Napiš nám

Haven’t found your ideal position and want to work for us? Write directly to Tomáš, our CEO, at We'll always try to find a place for smart people.

Why working for is special

You’re pushing the boundaries of the (im)possible

We don’t want to brag, but our chatbot and voicebot are the most advanced conversational bots in the Czech Republic and among the most advanced bots in the world. We’re improving them every day – and you can be part of it.


We seek the ideal solution for every company

Each of our clients is unique, and we always prepare tailor-made dialogues for them. You won’t end up doing the same work over and over again. At Coworkers, you’re constantly learning and looking for new methods, opportunities and solutions.


Everyone’s a key member of the team

When you build a chatbot or voicebot for your client, you directly influence how they communicate. Rather than just a cog in the machine, you’re a key member of the team. You can be proud of your results – and satisfied clients will thank you 100 times over.


"We offer the chance to build a career in IT and gain experience that the job market will reward you with. We face mistakes and criticism with a smile and take them as an opportunity to innovate. With open minds and honesty, we have built a team that pulls together even when the going gets tough. That's what we value most about our company culture."

Tomáš Lysek, Co-founder & CEO

What you can expect from us


Maximum freedom

Some positions are completely remote and for others we only need you to be in the office a few times a month. We don’t care how many hours you work, but what you actually do.


The ability to influence the company

We’re still a start-up, and so if you come up with a great idea, we can put it into practice in just a day or two. So the company and your work will largely adapt to you, not you to it.


Workmates that will kick you into high gear

We’re a team of young and ambitious people and all of us are constantly pushing ourselves and the whole company forward. If that’s your working style, you’ll feel at home here.

What employees say about working for us

I really appreciate the friendliness and trust I’ve been given at, which has enabled me to combine work and studying effectively in the long term. I can develop in the areas that matter to me.


Daša Kušniráková
NLP Developer


After years in the corporate world, I can once again feel the enthusiasm that I was long missing when performing routine tasks. Software development at has more momentum. I can try out new technologies – and also go through all the phases of development, from design to deployment monitoring.


Martin Sehnoutka

Software Engineer


Sounds good to you?

Check out the open positions above or write and say what you’d like to do with us. The recruitment process itself has three rounds.


The initial interview

It can be online or in person, whichever suits you best. Let’s discuss your ideas and our ideas and see if the two intersect.


Meeting with the team

If the interview goes well, we’ll invite you to join us to meet the rest of the team and check out our offices. We want you to know what you’re getting into.


Offer and confirmation of cooperation

If you’re still interested, we’ll send you a contract proposal and arrange a start date. Right after that, we buy a laptop or desktop PC of your choice, and from there on we’ll be looking out for you.

Come work for

Leave us your contact details and we’ll get back to you

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